Must-Asked Questions for Home Inspection

Must-Asked Questions for Home Inspection

Knowing the right questions to ask a home inspector can help ensure that expectations are met both from you and the home inspector. Do you know the right questions to ask when they inspect your house? Will you get the right report on what to improve and where to start or are you missing a flaw?

Here are some of the questions to better equip you:

What does this term mean?

Once you get a report, all the detailed flaws in your house will be listed along with recommendations in your inspector’s report.  It can contain what was previously discussed prior to inspection so pay attention if goals are met and don’t be afraid to ask.

Must-Asked Questions for Home Inspection

Will it be a minor or major issue?

Just as in prioritizing daily problems, house issues are comprised of major and minor ones. Minor ones that require less of your attention can be set aside to plan for fixing the major ones. Ask the inspector the seriousness of the problem and the level of difficulty in fixing the issues.

Is there an expert to look over different problems?

Each problem has a specific fix and each expert has his own specialty. Whether it’s an air conditioning unit that is problematic or a roofing that requires replacing, you have to delegate each repair to an expert. Ask if the inspector can recommend someone to do the job, if not, try to shop on your own. Compare the pricing first before jumping to make that call.

What else should I take note of before moving in?

Before you move in the house, there might be some to-do tasks that the inspector may recommend. Make sure to cross-reference these items and double check if they have already been fixed before moving.  It’s not fun to move into a newly bought home only to realize that there are just so many issues to fix making each day a struggle in trying to stay in that house. for more question from inspector please visit: